In FLTY BRGR GRL’s capable hands, youth and young romance sound as painful, difficult and entirely thrilling as ever, and for the generation living through it, they might just have found their perfect soundtrack.”

For The Rabbits

It’s a breezy, addictive and sugar-sweet slice of indie-pop from one of Scandinavia’s most underrated bands.”


New single 'Slow Dance' is an effervescent return, its glitzy guitar chords given emphasis by the slo-mo synth lines.”

Clash Magazine

FLTY BRGR GRL’s debut album, Love You Forever, is one epic love anthem. Each song is about different sides of love: unrequited love, first love, or just loving too much. There is an obsessive edge to the songs that keeps the song from going extremely sappy. Love You Forever is an instant mood booster that creates a fun listening experience. ”


"Music that sticks to your ribs."”


Their first two singles, “Be My Boy” and “Slow Dance” fuse classic sugary melodies and garage rock harmonies with wispy synths and danceable beats. Their lyrics add a special lovesick touch, delving into heart-fluttering dance floor girl crushes and unrequited love. ”

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